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  • Weigh Tape Instructions
  • Weigh Tape Instructions
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Dodson & Horrell Horse & Pony Weigh Tape

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The D&H Weigh Tape is an easy and quick way to measure your horse or ponies weight. Used regularly (we recommend at least fortnightly), weigh tapes can be a consistent option to tracking your horse’s weight.

Download our Weight Tracker

The importance of knowing your horse or ponies weight

- To monitor the effect of exercise and nutrition on bodyweight changes

- To monitor weight loss due to dehydration during travelling and at competitions

- To check if the load you are towing is legal

- To ensure the correct worm dose

- As an aid to improve performance

We recommend that you monitor your horse's weight on a fortnightly basis - it is often difficult to notice changes when you see your horse everyday.

What's included?

Our Weigh Tape is not only a vital tool in any feed room, it comes complete with a handy fridge magnet which links to:
🔹 How to use a weigh tape
🔹 How to body condition score
🔹 Free Weight Tracker
and comes all wrapped up in a handy pouch!