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POS Pack


One pack per store only.

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POS pack bundle for Pasture mix, Sixteen Plus Mix and Build Up Conditioning Mix

Included in the pack: 1 x Play To Win poster, 1 x Multi product poster, 10 x Play To Win flyers, 5 x Autumn vouchers

1 x Pasture Mix poster, 1 x Pasture Mix product card, 10 x Pasture Mix flyers and 10 x Pasture Mix samples 

1 x Build Up Conditioning Mix poster, 1 x Build Up Conditioning Mix product card, 10 x Build Up Conditioning Mix flyers and 10 x Build Up Conditioning Mix samples 

1 x Sixteen Plus Mix poster, 1 x Sixteen Plus Mix product card, 10 x Sixteen Plus Mix flyers and 10 x Sixteen Plus Mix samples